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This is a community site for people who import, wholesale and distribute medical devices in Malaysia. It is created for the benefit of the Malaysian medical devices community and the convenience of the companies who will be impacted by the new Medical Device Regulations. Objective of the site is to share information on the subject of good distribution practice of medical device - GDPMD. Information provided on this site is solely reflecting opinions or views of the individuals who contribute to the site and does not imply or intend to be authoritative on the subject. This site is not related to any government agencies, is solely a private self-help community initiatives. This site is not a commercial site and does not involve in any form of trading, profit or revenue generation. Please do not offer monetary incentives to our community members for any favors. If you require regulatory advice please contact the respective agency. If you need professional compliance advice please contact some of the consultants or try asking the community in the forums.